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Providing Sustainable ASHP Solutions at Theatr Clwyd with Mitsubishi Climaveneta


Our Technical Manager, Glenn Price, and Account Manager, Kev Tickle, recently had the pleasure of visiting a valued customer at Theatr Clwyd, where they received a delivery of two cutting-edge Mitsubishi Climaveneta i-FX-N reversible units.

Theatre Transformation: A Sustainable Approach

The theatre, currently undergoing a full refurbishment, is set to embrace a new era of energy efficiency. The existing boilers will soon make way for the new state-of-the-art heating and cooling system, marking a crucial step towards sustainability in the commercial space.

The New Mitsubishi Climaveneta i-FX-N Units

The new units boast an impressive 620kW heating and 886kW cooling capacity at design conditions, split across the two units, ensuring optimal efficiency throughout the building.

Theatr Clwyd ASHP delivery
Technical Manager, Glenn Price, inspects delivery of two Mitsubishi Climaveneta i-FX-N reversible units.
Theatr Clwyd Existing Energy Centre

Existing energy centre, ready to undergo alterations - existing boilers will be fully removed and replaced with a new energy-efficient heating and cooling system.

Theatr Clwyd Site Tour
Kevin and Glenn discussing refurbishment and installation plans with our customer on a full site tour.
Theatr Clwyd Main Theatre Renovations

Theatr Clwyd's main theatre undergoing renovations.

Theatr Clwyd ASHP Delivery
Mitsubishi Climaveneta I-FXN units being delivered on-site.


Navigating Challenges for Seamless Integration

TF Solutions collaborated closely with our customer to overcome a series of challenges posed by the unique application.

The installation required positioning the units within an existing energy centre, presenting space limitations and airflow restrictions. Our team provided invaluable insights into the space requirements of the units and devised a solution for optimal positioning.

The collective effort led to the implementation of removable louvred walls, effectively addressing airflow and maintenance restrictions.

Next Steps...

Stay tuned for updates as the energy centre undergoes alterations, and the two units are moved into their final position, revolutionising Theatr Clwyd's environmental impact.

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